David Gaughran is a 34-year old Irish writer, living in Sweden, who spends most of his time travelling the world, collecting stories.

He is the author of the South American historical adventure A Storm Hits Valparaiso and the short stories If You Go Into The Woods and Transfection as well as the popular self-publishing guide Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should.

He runs the publishing blog Let’s Get Digital and the South American history site South Americana, has a regular column at Indie Reader, and his work has been featured in the Huffington PostThe Sunday Times, and the Irish Times.

All of his titles are only available as e-books (but paperback editions of A Storm Hits Valparaiso and Let’s Get Digital will be released later this month). Don’t forget that you can read e-books on any computer, tablet, or laptop, and on most phones, with this free software.

A Storm Hits Valparaiso

Catalina Flores de la Peña’s tongue got her in more trouble than any other part of her body, even though there were far more likely candidates.

But when a storm rolls into her sleepy port town, she finds herself embroiled with a gang of adventurers, mercenaries, and prostitutes on a journey to free South America from the Spanish Empire.

A Storm Hits Valparaiso is an epic, historical adventure starring two brothers torn apart by love; a slave running for his life; a disgraced British sailor seeking redemption; and José de San Martín, an Argentine general who deserts the Spanish Army to lead a bloody revolt against his former masters.

Praise for A Storm Hits Valparaiso (from Amazon reviewers):

“Gaughran assembles a multi-national cast of characters in an ambitious story of love and betrayal, sea and land battles, victory and defeat in a war for independence. In characters drawn from real historical figures, the author delves into the politics of war and how battles turn on the smallest of details or the whims of a single man.”–JW Manus

“A work of sweeping historical fiction that captivates and entertains … engaging and richly textured.”–John Glass

“A romping classico… it reminded me of Louis de Bernières.”–Stuart Noss

A Storm Hits Valparaíso is available for $4.99/£3.99/3.99 Euro from Amazon USAmazon UK, and Amazon Germany, as well as Barnes & NobleSmashwordsKoboSonyDiesel, and through Apple’s iTunes. If you are in Ireland/South Africa/Canada/Australia, you can pick up a copy from Amazon US.

A paperback edition is now available for $14.95. Readers in North America should purchase from Amazon. International readers are advised to avoid shipping fees by purchasing from The Book Depository (where worldwide shipping is free).

Download the first six chapters as a PDF:

A Storm Hits Valparaíso by David Gaughran – First Six Chapters

If You Go Into The Woods

If You Go Into The Woods is a collection of two short stories for $0.99, is available from AmazonAmazon UKBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

One of these stories was chosen to appear in the Short Story America Anthology, Volume 1 a collection of their best stories of the past year, published May 2011. The other – The Reset Button – is published for the first time in any format.

You can read a free sample here.

Praise for If You Go Into The Woods:

“A fine story that looms in the mind of the reader long after the last page … aspirational fiction, the kind of magic realism that reads deliciously, but like a delicate soufflé, is a difficult feat to pull off.”–Matt Ellis, author of Strange As Angels and Lumpen.

“There are definite shades of HP Lovecraft in both stories…punchy, entertaining reads with a bit of mental gymnastics thrown in, you can’t go wrong with this one.” — Jenny Mounfield, The Compulsive Reader, author of The Ice-cream Man.

“Two very well-constructed and thought-provoking tales from an author I know I will be keeping my eyes on. 4.5 stars.” –Heather L. Faville, Doubleshot Reviews

“This is the most professional design – both inside and out – that I have seen since I started reviewing at SIFT. The writing in this story is top-notch. The writer has a strong, clean voice. He’s able to sustain an air of mystery and suspense without it feeling cheap.” — Sarah Nicolas, SIFT Book Reviews

“I heartily recommend this masterful piece of work to any and all that thoroughly enjoy the art of the word, and especially to those that have a special place in their hearts for short stories, as I believe this to be a fabulous exponent of the genre.” — LE Olteano, Butterfly Books


Transfection is another short story, but this time with an old-school science fiction vibe. It’s also available for $0.99 from AmazonAmazon UK, and Smashwords.

You can read a sample here.

Praise for Transfection:

“I recently bought and read Transfection and I’m happy to say it is terrific, and well worth the 99 cents.”–JA Konrath, bestselling author of The List.

“I laughed out loud at some of the antics as I was reading. Transfection is well worth the price-tag…yet another well written and, dare I say again, thought provoking, tale from David Gaughran.” –Heather L. Faville, Doubleshot Reviews

“Well written…a polished product.” — TC, Booked Up Reviews

“Very strong images … a haunting quality … I totally did not expect that ending. I really didn’t see it coming … I recommend this to people who enjoy well written sci-fi.” — LE Olteano, Butterfly Books

Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should

60,000 words of essays, articles, and how-to guides covering every aspect of digital self-publishing, along with contributions from 33 bestselling indie authors including Bob Mayer, Victorine Lieske, Mark Edwards, and J Carson Black.

Praise for Let’s Get Digital:

“Let’s Get Digital is a must read for anyone considering self-publishing.” — JA Konrath, bestselling author of TrappedOrigin, and Whiskey Sour.

“Credible and comprehensive. I’d recommend it to any writer who is considering self-publishing or anyone interested in the current state of publishing… 5 stars” — Big Al’s Books and Pals.

“Even with my background as an indie writer, I picked up several valuable tips…this is simply the best book about the ebook revolution that I have read.” — Michael Wallace, bestselling author of the Righteous series.

“It should be THE starting point for anyone considering self-publishing today. This book is a Pixel Pick, and should be considered required reading for any Indie author.” — Pixel of Ink.

Let’s Get Digital is available from Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon DEAmazon FRBarnes & NobleSmashwordsSonyDiesel, as well as Apple (through both iTunes and the iBookstore).

The PDF version is FREE here.


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Amazon UK 77p
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